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March 14, 2015
by Susan Mitchell
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The 5 Beautiful Kinds Of Lighting Fixtures


Using different kinds of lighting fixtures can definitely make your home more attractive, brighter and more comfortable. Also, you should know that there are various options for you to choose from in order to provide lighting in your home. Be it decorative lamps that you only need to place on a table or a flat surface, to an integrated architectural lighting fixture that requires the expertise of skilled tradesmen and contractors. In addition to that, you should also keep in mind that despite the fact that some lighting fixtures are more regularly associated with a specific type of lighting – e.g. task, accent or ambient – majority of fixtures are adaptable enough that you can use them in a number of ways.

What are the different kinds of lighting fixtures?

There is a wide range of lighting fixtures that you can choose from. Remember, choosing the right lighting fixture is very important since there are some fixtures which are only appropriate in some areas of your home. Also, having a lighting fixture will definitely add a certain style within your home. So, read on and learn more information about the various kinds of lighting fixtures.

recessedRecessed Lighting Fixtures.

This type of lighting is installed above the ceiling. It has an opening that is even with your ceiling. A recessed lighting fixture necessitates roughly 6 inches of clearance above the ceiling. Insulation is also highly important to make sure that condensation will not drip into the fixture. A recessed lighting fixture is able to send a moderately narrow band of light towards one direction and it can be used in order to provide task, ambient or accent lighting.

Architectural Lighting Fixtures.

There are three common types of architectural lighting. These three types are valance, cove and soffit and all three are integrated into the structure of a room. Valance lighting is situated in a glass (a horizontal shield), metal or wood valance which is attached above a window or up high on the wall. Therefore, the light it produces bounces both downward and upward. Next, cove lighting is positioned in a shelf, a recess that is high up on a wall or on a shelf.

The light it produces also bounces toward the upper wall or toward the ceiling. Lastly, soffit lighting is situated in a cornice near the ceiling or in a soffit. The light that soffit lighting produces radiates downward and it washes that wall with light. This technique of bouncing light off ceilings and walls is commonly known as indirect lighting and it is very popular among numerous lighting professional. This is due to the fact that indirect lighting is able to minimize glare and shadows. Lastly, architectural lighting fixtures are most commonly used for ambient lighting.

Track Lighting Fixtures.

Light-fixturesThis kind of lighting fixture is typically suspended or mounted from the ceiling. A track lighting is consisted of a linear housing that contains numerous heads. These heads can be placed anywhere in  dallas tx furniture repairs alongside a track and the direction of the heads can also be adjusted. Track lighting fixtures are commonly used for accent or task lighting.

Pendant Lighting Fixtures.

This kind of lighting fixture is normally suspended from the ceiling. A pendant lighting fixture produces light that is directed downwards, usually over a kitchen island or a table. Pendant lighting can definitely improve the decorative style of your room and you can even use it as a task or as an ambient lighting.

Under cabinet Lighting Fixtures.

This kind of lighting fixture is situated underneath kitchen cabinets. Also, an under cabinet lighting fixture can either be a single or linear puck-shaped fixture. This kind of lighting is highly popularly used as task lighting in various kitchens.

These are the different kinds of lighting fixtures. Make sure to consider each and every one and purchase the one best suited to your needs!